Ok so here is my dilemma: I don't know what my niche is. There are several different genres that I prefer writing and several different careers that I am interested in. So in consideration of my portfolio, would several pieces all of different genres demonstrate my versatility as a writer or would potential employers be put off by it? I mean if I am presenting myself to a genre specific outlet and they only see one piece of mine that suits their style, would they be less likely to consider me than if I had multiple pieces of that style? I can't decide if it is better to represent versatility or focus. I suppose for the time being, I will focus mainly on quality and pick whatever I consider my strongest work despite the genre. Perhaps my strongest work will have a recurring theme that I can build a niche from...
It is actually exciting to go through my old pieces. I took Creative Writing I two years ago and stumbled across a piece I had forgotten about. It’s actually pretty good; I’d like to put it into a larger story or edit it for a flash-fiction submission.

*I have a synthesis essay called “It’s Good to be the King” comparing the theme of kings in Hamlet and MacBeth.

*I have a creative fiction piece called “Freeze you to death” from an assignment where we had to base our writing off of a cliché. (it’s rather depressing though…)

* I have a poem called “Message to my Ex” but the content may be too personal and serious

*I could use ”Playground Games” a piece written in Writer’s Mind for the section on brevity (750 words or less)

*I have a piece called “The Bridge” which is creative nonfiction (my submission for the Tweedie Non-Fiction contest)

*”From Ancient Oration to Cyber Narration: The Development of Children’s Stories Through History” is a research paper I wrote for Intro to WA which I did very well on (40 out of 40)

*”OCD and the Cosmic Influence” A Middle Grade level book I wrote in Writing Children’s stories.

         Ok so my plan was to pick some of my best/favorite work (which I think I did) and of course I ended up picking a variety of genres because I was thinking about how I want to demonstrate versatility. That way, if an employer is checking my portfolio and I’m not sure exactly what they are looking for, I have a better chance of them seeing something they like. That makes sense, right?

          I would also like to put a query letter into my portfolio along with a personal statement for gradschool. I intend on applying for grad school so that would be helpful.

           What I would like to go over in class is how to write a query letter because I don’t know where to even get started with that.

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